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12th October 2018

This evenings meeting at The Tribe was fortunate to get a visit from the people at MindMate, MindMate is a free Leeds based website where young people can get support for their emotional health and mental health which is run by the NHS.

Kirsty and Rachel came along to our session this evening to tell the young people who attend The Tribe about MindMate, they offer support with confidence, MindMate are a wonderful service for any young person who maybe having mental or emotional health problems. You can find more information at

Although this evenings meeting at The Tribe had a more serious attitude to it, it doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun and enjoy ourself with MindMate members Kirsty and Rachel. We did circle time and used cotton to connect ourselves to each other, we did some brainstorming and we talked about how it can be good for everyone to talk to their peers, even if its to get something off their chest. We want all the young people at The Tribe to be able to speak freely, have fun and relax while they attend the meetings.

If you’re interested in bringing your young person to The Tribe, feel free to email us, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the home page or click here to email us.

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