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22nd October 2018

Todays group was a little smaller than usual due to the school having a Halloween Disco for all the students, but this didn’t stop us having fun, getting messy and been creative, we created some paper pumpkins today, using some pre-cut pumpkin shapes, glue and some tissue paper, you can see some of the fantastic work from the young people at The Tribe below.

We also did some parachute games with our junior leader Sophie. Some of the games included Mushroom which is where all the young people who was playing to raise the parachute and then pull it down underneath them to make a mushroom shape effect, a very colourful mushroom.

After all the fun and games we moved on to open the tuck-shop for a short period where the kids can get a little treat for themselves to enjoy at The Tribe or later at home. We then all came together and sat down to practice our songs for the Cross Gates Light Switch on which is held on the 9th of November between 7PM and 8PM. Feel free to attend and watch how amazing our young people are at singing! 

If you’re interested in bringing your young person to The Tribe, feel free to email us, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the home page or click here to email us.

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