Proud to work with Beyond Inspired on the I am Me Project.

We work with Beyond Inspired lifestyle coaches on the I am Me Project. They’re proud to be Child Friendly Leeds Ambassadors and have the same ethos to motivate and educate the youngsters to become better role models in families, social circles and community by diverting away from ASB and giving them the confidence to have a voice on issues that affect them.

The project covers more than just the physical and educational benefit to young people but covers social isolation and mental health issues and includes health,, good lifestyle, nutrition, diet. The physical elements and education go hand in hand as small tasks will be introduced and performance tracked.

It gives the young people confidence and increasing self esteem both in the setting, where they live and where they learn to stand up for what they believe in and say if they think something is wrong. The project as a whole aims to show the young people that there are people who believe in them and that we are willing to help them reach their goals and increase their self esteem and that they have a positive role in the community.

For information on Beyond Inspired visit: or email: or phone 07515 496997