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Community work

The Tribe Youth Group have the community at their heart and here are some of the additional ways in which we support the children and families in our communities

Activity and food packs: we support our young people, their families and the local community throughout the year with activity packs, food bank collection and special food parcels for the elderly in our community. It’s great to give a little treat to help others!

Community garden: young people from the Tribe Youth Group are creating a garden for the community in the Cross Gates area at Pendas Community Centre. They have built relationships with members of the local community who have joined forces to create an accessible garden for everyone to enjoy. The garden will have places to sit and relax as well as grow vegetables that will then be used in cooking workshops.

Gift stations and community trails: during the holidays the young people created trails in their local community and organised gift stations where families came and collected a gift and took part in activities to celebrate Halloween and Christmas.

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