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Sickness Policy

The past two years have had us all so concerned regarding passing on covid, that other viruses are being overlooked.

Please do not send your child to group if:

  • They are showing signs of sickness and diarrhoea- 48hrs must pass after symptoms have ended before bringing your child to group.
  • Your child has been kept off school during the day for any reason concerning feeling unwell. Your child has a temperature.
  • Your child has a heavy cold/ streaming nose.
  • Your child is displaying any signs/ symptoms of covid.

Although we take every precaution to keep cross contamination of bugs to a minimum- (hand sanitiser is used throughout the sessions and shared materials are thoroughly washed and sanitised regularly), there is little I can do once a child comes in ill and passes it on.

Furthermore, if am too ill myself to work groups simply cannot go ahead and will need to be cancelled.

Any child arriving at the group showing signs of illness, will be sent home. Many thanks for your continued support.

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