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Keeping children safe

The Tribe Youth Group believes that children have the right to be completely secure from both the fear and reality of abuse, and we are committed to safeguarding all the children in our care from harm.

The Tribe Youth Group will ‘Designate’ a Child Protection Officer (DP) who has suitable experience, training and expertise; they are responsible for liaising with Social Care, LADO and OfSTED in any child protection matter. Currently, Jean is trained in the role of DP.

The Tribe Youth Group ‘Child Protection’ Procedures comply with all relevant legislation and other guidance or advice from the ‘Local Safeguarding Children Board’ (LSCB, a multi-agency forum set up to agree how the different services and professional groups should co-operate to safeguard children in that area, and for making sure that arrangements work effectively to bring about good outcomes for children).

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