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Scholes Group – 17 May 2021

The young people from our Scholes Group had an amazing night on Monday where we continued with our discussions on mental health and how we all have good and bad mental health. We talked about ways to feel positive and how we are all unique even when we are going through similar things. The young […]

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Scholes Group – 11 May 2021

Last night our group was all about mental health awareness and how we can do things to help us to relax. Activities included working on positivity worksheets and jigsaw of positive words and designing shields to remind us who we are that we will create on wood next week followed by yoga poses and being […]

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Scholes group 26 April 2021

We had an amazing time at Tribe on the 26 April. We started by welcoming new members to the group which has meant we now have a waiting list for this brilliant group. The session was all about getting to know each other and discussing the activities we would like to do during the sessions […]

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Scholes Tribe 19 April 2021

It was fantastic to be back at our Scholes group last night. We opened on a new date with all our members as well as six new members joining us. The evening was all about how we can help make a difference to the world that we live in by cutting our carbon footprint. We […]

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