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Young people from the Tribe Youth Group is regenerating land at the GVWA Community Centre in Pendas and creating a community garden to give something to back to the community.  

The young people want to create a community gardens where people can sit and chat, children to play safely and for growing flowers and food. The young people are raising funds themselves for the venture through donations and walking 10,000 steps a day for a month throughout March. 

Young people aged 4 – 16 years have joined forces to create a community garden at their base on Pendas Way near CrossGates. The young people came together through Zoom to plan the garden and discuss what was needed. 

They received help from Good Gym Leeds to start removing some of the waste and then on Saturday 6 March they came together with volunteers from the CrossGates area thanks to the community social media page, CrossGates Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow that supported the activity and promoted the event across the area as well as the volunteering site Neighbourly. 

The young people have spoken to residents in the area and found out the centre used to be full of roses and they would love the area to come back to its natural beauty and as well as planters they will have fruit trees, wild flowers and vegetables. 

Jean Barnbrook, Tribe Youth Leader, said:

“We are creating the community garden by making good use of waste land outside the centres to provide great new spaces for the community to sit and chat to their neighbours, for children to play in safety and somewhere to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. The gardens will also create a great new wildlife habitat.”

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