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What to expect at summer camp

Summer camp is a busy, vibrant environment that may seem hectic and boisterous at first.

The Tribe Youth Group Summer Camp is running again this summer and whilst primarily for the young people who are part of the Tribe Youth Group we are very proud to open the camp up to young people in the community.

We provide high quality play opportunities and care for children who have started primary school (from 4 years to 15 years old) throughout east Leeds and our venue is at Pendas Community Centre on Pendas Way.

Our summer camp is running Monday 9 August to Friday 20 August and includes two external trips and a community fun day on the 20 August. We are also running a breakfast club during the summer camp to support families and young people.

We support the idea of free flow play for the children attending so although we encourage involvement in activities, many make their own choices about what they will do throughout the session.

Children enjoy themselves, make friends and take part in a range of activities in a safe, happy atmosphere. There is a good ratio of Playworkers to children which is based on the ages onsite and the types of activities on offer.  This is currently 1:8 for under 8’s and 1:10 for 8’s and over.  On trips we maintain a 1:5 ratio for under 11’s and a 1:10 ratio for over 11’s.

There are often lots of Playworkers around the setting. Their role is to support the children’s play, get involved, encourage ideas and at times act as a mediator. While we are aware of and take into account the different needs of children across the age ranges, everyone is able to mix with others as they please.

At summer camp we take children’s play seriously even when it involves children getting very messy. We also understand that children need and want to take risks when they play and as such we aim to provide play experiences that stimulate and challenge the children into exploring and developing their abilities. We understand that without a child’s strongly motivated response to challenge and risk they would have never learnt to walk, climb or even ride a bike. As such we encourage the children to stretch themselves, test and develop their abilities in fun and exciting ways. 

It is the role of the Playworker’s to offer a wide range of play opportunities that expose children to acceptable risk enabling children to play freely and be the masters of their own play. Through assessing the risk to benefits of a play opportunity Playworkers will endeavour to collaborate with children to adapt play that poses significant aspects of risk in order to minimise the possibility to injury. Despite this, injuries may still occur through the course of play and our first aid trained staff members will attend to any injuries that need attention.

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