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What you say…

Children say:

  • “My favourite thing to do are the activities! I like sewing and colouring.” – 5 year old
  • “I like Tribe because I can make new friends, have fun and play together” – 8 year old
  • “When we do the summer camp I like the chill out zone so I can relax when stressed – 14 year old
  • “You are always busy, there’s lots to do and the leaders are always making sure everyone’s involved.” – Sammy
  • “I love being a peer leader and helping the younger members” – Olivia
  • “They have loads of things to entertain us and you can make friends.” Lily
  • “Tribe has a good, kind, funny environment.” – Anonymous
  • “All the leaders are very nice!! Whenever I’m upset they come up to me and cheer me up.” – Anonymous

Parents say:

  • “My child loves it here – I’d like to say to change something but I don’t think there is anything – thank you!” – Jayne, parent
  • “My daughter spoke little English when she first arrived at Tribe Youth Group but now she is much more confident to speak English.” – Jasmim mum
  • “Jean always makes sure that everyone is included at the youth group, nothing is too big, she always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoys the group” – Sarah, Parent
  • My daughter has additional needs but you would never know when she is with the Tribe – thank you! – parent

Having everyone’s feedback on the Tribe Youth Group is very useful to us and helps everyone to be involved in planning for the future.

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